Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What information do you require in order to get a quote for your shipping service?

A.  We require the following information to generate a quote for you: the weight of the product sample(s), the dimensions of the product sample(s), and the destination postal / zip code.  We cannot produce a quote if any of this information is missing.

Q.  Do you have a list of the packaging materials you stock?

A.  Yes we do.  You can download and / or print it here

Q.  Is there a 'cut off' time for dropping off my product to your location?

A.  Ideally we like all product to arrive by 12pm to ensure that it leaves the same day.  If the product arrives after 12pm we do implement a late charge for it to go out the same day as we have to dedicate more resources to it. There may also be a charge if we have to keep the product chilled / frozen overnight at our facility.

Q.  Do you ship breast milk?

A.  Yes we do. Shipping within Canada is straightforward. We package your (pre frozen) breast milk with dry ice into an appropriately sized insulated shipping container for delivery to most Canadian addresses on or before the end of business the following day.  

Shipping to the U.S. requires us to declare the breast milk to the FDA, US Customs, and FSIS; all shipments entering the U.S. are subject to these regulatory agencies, and clearance is at their discretion.

Most delivery commitments in the U.S. are on or before end of business the following day.  If shipping to the U.S. (or any other country) it is best to speak with one of our Customer Service representatives regarding the process as the U.S. and other countries have different import regulations.  There are no limits on the amount of breast milk we can ship for you. 

Q.  I was told that it is best to ship at the beginning of the work week rather than at the end, is that true?

A.  We recommend shipping Monday & Tuesday for destinations beyond North America due to a 2-3 day transit time. For destinations within North America,  there are geographical locations that don't have a Saturday delivery so the earlier in the week it leaves, the less likely that it will sit in a courier depot over a weekend and potentially spoil.  

Q.  I have just received a quote from Frozen On Time to ship frozen chicken nugget samples from Toronto to Los Angeles.  

Can you tell me what is included in this price?

A.  Yes.  Our quote will cover the amount of dry ice needed to keep your shipment frozen for its journey, any filler material needed, EPS shipper, protective outer carton, labelling, and assistance with customs paperwork.

Q.  What happens if my my shipment gets inspected or held up in Customs?

A.  With regards to U.S. shipments, the FDA have the right to inspect any cross border shipment they want and you should be aware that this can happen. We do work closely with the FDA if one of our shipments is inspected and will keep you updated with information as we receive it .  However, if a shipment is rejected by the FDA, or delayed for a time period where the product becomes spoiled, it is your responsibility (including all associated costs) to retrieve the shipment if you require it back. 

Q.  Do you ship samples to Europe?

A.  Yes we do, although there are some Countries that don't accept dry ice as a packaging medium. Please check with us for up to date information.

Q.  How long does dry ice last and keep my product frozen?

A.  Packing with dry ice means we can sustain your product’s frozen state for several days.  The environmental conditions encountered during shipping will determine the relative longevity of the product’s frozen integrity; however, we always pack to accommodate for the longest reasonable transit time for your frozen shipment.

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